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Have Connecting Clayton, Inc. new resources delivered right to your desktop using RSS.

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds

Subscribe to Connecting Clayton, Inc. new resource feeds by pasting the URL portion of the links below into your RSS reader.

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Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way to get web content sent to your computer. The RSS icon indicates content that can be delivered to you in this way. RSS keeps you in touch with the information you want, and lets you determine how often you want to receive updates. Instead of returning to a website to see what's new, you can automatically be updated when news happens.

RSS software will pull resources from the Connecting Clayton, Inc. feed. If your internet browser does not have an integrated RSS reader, you will need to download a reader to receive new resources to your desktop. Some RSS readers will integrate with your e-mail software. You can find an RSS reader by using a search engine and searching for "RSS Feed Readers." Connecting Clayton, Inc. does not have a favorite RSS reader – there are many out there, some are free, some charge a fee - find the one that suits your needs best.

Once you have an RSS reader installed you can subscribe to Connecting Clayton, Inc. new resource feeds by pasting the URL portion of the links above into your reader. Please follow the instructions provided with your reader to accomplish this.

What are RSS feeds?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and this technology allows you to pull together regularly updated content from a variety of sources. You can see latest published content without actually having to visit the site.

What information can I get as an RSS feed?

You can add feeds from certain areas of the site, latest publications, Groups, Discussions and search results.

How do I use RSS feeds?

To set up a feed, click on the orange RSS icon where you see it on Connecting Clayton, Inc. You will then be given the option to subscribe.

Your browser should be able to help you through this process; however you do need to ensure your browser is the most current version.

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a format for sharing and distributing web content, such as news headlines. Using an RSS reader, you can view data feeds from multiple websites and keep up to date on latest changes without actually having to access the sites directly.

What do I need to start using RSS feeds?

You will need a news reader to check RSS feeds and let you read any articles that have been added.

Firefox 2.0 onwards and Internet Explorer 7 have built in news readers, but if you are using an older browser, for example Internet Explorer 6, then you may need to install a reader as a plug-in.

Different news readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to choose one that will work on your computer. Just search for 'RSS reader' in an internet search engine.



For more information on RSS this Wikipedia article provides a general introduction

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